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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Assalaamualaikum Nesima,
    I believe that you want a quote from me with my journey with Journey of Hope. My email is Please email me with the questions that you wou;ld like answered. I can also send you a copy of my story. Please send me your email address and I,ll forward it to you.

  2. Hi, I am currently conducting a research project for my university degree on abuse and exploitation of migrant domestic workers, which I’ve noticed you’ve written about on your blog. I’m just wondering if I can get your views on the topic, more specifically on the Kafala sponsorship system.

      • The blog is open to everyone interested in the subject matter, with the main objective of collecting different points of view from various people, including experts as well as the general public. So feel free to express your thoughts on my blog.

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