“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.”

–E.B. White

I used to think that someone like myself could not really exist in this world. I, a cacophony of identities, could no longer find peace with my multiple yearnings, ideas, and emotions. Over time, I began to learn and pick up new terminologies and frameworks with which to interpret my unique experiences and histories. My voyage towards realizing my life purpose is a long, harrowing one, but I seek inspiration and motivation from a variety of sources: my faith, family, friends, literature, mentors, art, music, education, and service. This blog serves as a space where the conflicted voices inside my head can speak clearly and (not so clearly).

My educational background is in journalism, global studies, and religion and conflict. I hope to continue pursuing academia and become a scholar, activist and writer. I’m an Arizona native, though I struggle to understand what responsibility I have to give back to a state where I personally feel little community or solidarity. For now, I am in the Bay Area, serving a year as an AmeriCorps member and New Sector Fellow at the nonprofit, Mission Asset Fund. 

I am drawn to discussing gender, race, religion, media, literacy, public relations, social entrepreneurship, community development, human rights, poverty alleviation, and peacebuilding. My goal is to learn how to use storytelling as a means of advocacy, social mobilization and empowerment. I blog exclusively about the craft of creative writing and share my personal work over at Young and Writerly.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than good conversation, so please comment, reblog, tweet etc. Be respectful and mindful of the language and words you use here, so that everyone can feel comfortable. We all have privilege in some way, so open your mind and listen first.

Please connect with me and reach out if you have questions or want to collaborate on some kind of project.