• Becoming well versed in Arab and Desi culture, language, food  but seeing no reciprocal interest in your traditions
  • Writing for a news site focused on global Muslim culture/trends but actually only covers the Middle East/South Asians
  • Not seeing yourself represented on the Muslim fashion scene
  • Not seeing yourself represented in Islamic conferences and events
  • Being mistaken as a convert
  • Being discriminated against for two reasons, add female and that’s three strikes
  • Not learning about your contributions to Islamic scholarship and history
  • Participating in relief fundraisers and awareness campaigns for Arab countries only
  • Experiencing racism in two layers
  • Carrying on the legacy of an indigenous American Islam
  • Shying away from calling out non-black Muslim friends who stereotype Africans so you don’t make waves
  • Standing up for peace, justice, and equality…values rooted in both your culture and faith

For more on this great Twitter discussion, look up the #BeingBlackandMuslim trending topic and read here.

There will be more discussions planned in the next few weeks, so be sure to participate (and if you’re not black & Muslim, be sure to listen respectfully and not derail the conversation.)



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