14 Things To Look Forward to in 2014

I decided the best way to end this year is to go viral, hence my uber catchy blog post title.

Only kidding. I just like lists because I’m too lazy to write out paragraphs. Turning 23 has done wonders to my ambition, let me tell you. This list is about what I personally will be looking forward to as well as what you lovely readers can expect on my blog in the next year.

1. Continuing to reflect on the meaning of community through further exploration of the Bay Area (how to be hella cool, collaborative and constructive)

2. Conducting interviews/taking notes from lectures, events, workshops, interesting people I cross paths with etc. (permission to be nerdy and nosy)

3. Sharing readings and news from the social impact sector (thoughtleadership ftw)

4. Musings on professional/post grad life (let’s get through this together, shall we)

5. Preparing for the GRE (I can hear the chorus of cheers!)

6. Writing monthly book reviews (writers must be readers)

7. Working on my novel-in-progress that I started during NaNoWriMo (this year, i promise)

8. Studying and analyzing about Islamic feminism more (so much to learn from the scholars)

9. Challenging myself to be more physically active and outdoors-y (i know, i know, it’s about time)

10. Writing and performing poetry in front of real people (snaps, snaps)

11. Improving my Adobe Creative Suite skills (must have great skills)

12. Reducing my Internet addiction (this is self-diagnosed)

13. Navigating the exciting world of networking (#ilovesmalltalk)

14. Spending time on me (self-love is important, y’all)

Have a wonderful new year everyone! Be safe and be merry:)

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