[Now] Myriam Francois-Cerrah, Journalist, Public Speaker- London, England, UK

Definite role model. She’s awesome!


     |1. What was the strongest thing that pulled you toward Islam?

I wouldn’t say I was pulled towards Islam, possibly quite the contrary. My engagement with Islam and its principles began on the basis of an instinctive hostility I felt towards it in the post 9/11 climate, and as a result of an education which tended to regard religion at best as a moral crutch and at worst as a dangerous delusion. I began talking and debating with Muslims on the basis that I felt I could help them overcome this lagging in development by rejecting what I then viewed as outmoded and archaic views. It wasn’t until I began to do some independent research into it, including into the life of Prophet Mohamed (saw), that my perspective began to shift and most specifically in my interaction with the Quran.

     |2. How do you feel that…

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