Let’s Talk about Jihad, Baby–Actually.. Let’s not.

The Cool Table

Below is a slightly revised version of a couple of emails I sent in an exchange over the general topic of the responsibility of the American/Canada Muslim communities to address misconstructions/abuse of ‘jihad’. It seemed to me that were some important considerations missing in this conversation (coming in the shadow of the Boston bombings and the obsession over the Tsarnaev brothers’ “religiosity”) as well as some problematic assumptions being made about the nature of crime and violence. These were, as a lot of my posts on this blog tend to be, thoughts I was writing ‘aloud’ — ideas I’m constantly exploring in my own head.

I  don’t think, to be quite frank and honest, any amount of YouTube videos, intellectual engagement or process of addressing “Jihadi” rhetoric and ideas will eliminate the grievances that lead young men towards violence of the apparent ‘terrorism’ nature. Indeed, we can find instances of…

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