Sinai tortureIn a desperate race against time, the Eritrean community living in the diaspora has managed to raise $41,000 demanded by Bedouin people-traffickers to buy the freedom of the girl’s family.

Ahlam, who is just eight, has already seen her father beaten and tortured in front of her.

It was when the Eritrean community heard that their kidnappers would force 19 men, all captives themselves, to rape her mother in front of the little girl, that they decided they had no option but to act.

So the community has scraped the money together.

“It will be sent to Cairo,” says Meron Estefanos, who has interviewed Ahlam and her family several times since they were captured at the beginning of January.

The interviews were carried by the Eritrean radio station Erena.

The radio operates from Paris, one of the few sources of accurate information for Eritreans, who are subjected to some…

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