Great post with beginning insights on the Peace Corps Volunteer experience, which I’m very interested in pursuing. I’ll be sending my application in very soon for next year eligibility!

Of Boa Constrictors, Jungles, and Stars

Hello everyone!

I apologize for the delay in blogging, I will try to write semi-regular posts from here on out.

So for the last three months of my life I was a Peace Corps Trainee, or PCT for short. During my first 11 weeks here in Benin, I went through training from 8am to 5pm every Monday through Friday and Saturdays from 8am-12:30pm while living in a host family in the capital city, Porto Novo. During the first five weeks we went through intensive language training. For most people in my group this entailed hours upon hours of French classes, while for those of us with high enough skill levels in French this entailed hours of local languages. I, due to my French background, was selected to learn Wama along with one other Trainee. Wama is a language spoken by a few thousand people in Northwestern Benin, in the Natitingou…

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