Checking In

Hello blogsophere!

It’s been awhile since I updated on this blog, but I certainly haven’t been hiding in a hole away from technology for the past few months. Last time I posted, I was complaining about not finding a suitable summer internship for my study abroad credit. Fortunately, I did in fact complete a 2 month internship in Guatemala with the Social Entrepreneur Corps, which I write about on a specially-made Tumblr, Chronicles of Guatemala.

Upon my return, I had to deconstruct all my experiences and reflect a lot not just to be able to explain what I did to everyone who asked me, but also because I had to put together a professional portfolio to turn into my internship coordinator 🙂

Ramadan started a week after that, so that consumed my life for the next month. Before you know it, school was starting–my senior year of college! and I had my thesis to prep for.

I finally decided on my thesis topic: an analysis of a local Eritrean refugee women’s jewelry cooperative through the lens of gender, culture and development. Awesome right?

Easier said than done though. Prospectus is written, application to the Institutional Review Board is still in progress, and lit review is currently being compiled, but I’m on my way!

I really hope that my thesis doesn’t turn into a monster that I just want to destroy so I can have my life back. I made sure to reduce my school schedule to a manageable 12 hour credit semester. I’m taking Business and Future of Journalism, Gender, Culture and Development and then Public Relations Lab. 

My extra curriculars have been reduced to job hunting (applying to Peace Corps, AmeriCorps and Princeton in Africa fellowship for next year) and leading my student organization, Woman as Hero.

Here’s to an awesome final year at ASU. Full speed ahead!

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