SUCH an important issue in the Muslim community that gets overlooked despite the fact that we are all so diverse and not supposed value our race/ethnicity over our own religion. Thanks Hind for writing this piece!


Earlier this year, a racist incident occurred my old high school. An Islamic, all-girls high school, where the majority of the students are of Arab, primarily Palestinian, origin. During a verbal altercation, the “n-word” was used against a girl of African descent and the girl who instigated the trouble was suspended. After her suspension, the school administration addressed racism within the school by hosting a panel discussion featuring women from diverse racial backgrounds and half a day session for the students to workshop ethical responses to racist and sexist scenarios. This response made me happy; the troublemaker was not only punished, but the administration turned the occasion into a a teaching moment. Soon after, a fabulady I’m proud to call a friend, started an anti-racism clothing campaign, We Are All ‘Abeed.

Back in the 90s, when I was a student at that school, girls got in trouble if they…

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