Speaking of…Peter Selover

I was very honored and flattered to receive an email from someone named Peter Selover, who said he came across my video talking about the Girl Effect at the Ignite@ASU conference. I didn’t think anyone other than my friends and family would ever see or appreciate my speech! He said he was very inspired by my message and shared some great poetry with me that I thought I’d showcase here on my blog. Poetry really is a powerful connector of people.

Poem 1:

If the same number
of doors are always
left open for
all girls
all boys
it will not take long
before those same boys and girls
will begin to forget which
doors belonged to whom

Poem 2:

Silence smells
like a single flower
from each of the last thousand years
picked with the dew still remaining from
the one day that year
that the largest number
of people in that village
knew peace

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