Speaking Of…Crystal Keshawarz

One thing I’d like to do on this blog is to really include people’s voices from different cultures and backgrounds and share their thoughts, poems, stories or any form of writing so they can cause others to reflect on their own lives. As you may or may not know, I’m a creative writer at heart, so I want to bridge the gap between storytelling and conflict resolution. The more stories you read, the less fear, hate and ignorance you will be capable of, in my humble opinion. Storytelling infuses you with optimism, flexibility, generosity and creativity to make real, sincere change through empathy.

I’m excited to introduce the first installment of this series. I don’t have a cool title for this endeavor, but to put it simply, for now, it’ll be called: Speaking Of…

O ye who have tread upon the earth with heavy sighs,
Heavy burdens on your shoulders, and weary narrowed eyes
Look upon the ground at the strides you have made
Realize the length of your journey and widen your gaze
Know full well the courage it took to overcome
The barriers behind you, the roadblocks so burdensome
And although you may feel as if the day shall never come
Your journey will be honored, your burden will be won
Survival is your skill, modesty your sword
And when that day comes, you will not be ignored!
Your voice will be heard and your efforts realized,
When you no longer tread upon the earth with heavy sighs.

I just can’t seem to contemplate/ Why thoughts of you won’t dissipate/ Why I’m up all hours trying to see/ If you’ll wake up and call for me/ Why thoughts of you won’t leave my head/ Why I can’t seem to go to bed/ Why someone else is in my mind/ Taking up my sleeping time/ Why restlessness seems to abound/ And silence makes the loudest sound/ Why when with friends I feel alone/ But when with you I feel at home/ Why only your words can lighten my heart/ And I only accept what you impart/ Why no comfort can remain/ While your absence puts my heart in pain/ So tell me how, where, and when/ I will come to see you again/ Because upon no other can I depend/ Save for my dad, my true best friend.

Contributor Bio: My name is Crystal Keshawarz and I am a young woman pursuing Islamic Studies at ASU. I have a BS in Political Science from ASU, and I hope to apply to Grad School next year. I teach Islamic Studies at my community’s Islamic Center, and I work for the University as well. I am an American of Afghan descent, born and raised in New Jersey and New York. Growing up I always felt torn between two cultures, and only now as an adult do I truly understand who I am. I’m not torn, but a beautiful mix of the best part of every place I’ve ever been a part of. My father is serving in Afghanistan right now, an issue that has had a major affect on my life. My poetry reflects issues that are near and dear to my heart. Some of it is political, some about love, fear, and a whole range of human emotions. But one thing they are above all: a reflection of who I am. I hope you enjoy what you read!

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