My Ignite Presentation on the Girl Effect

Ignite@ASU is a speaker series that showcases people in the community sharing ways to help change the world and envision a better future in just 5 minutes and 20 slides!

The format was quite difficult for me, but somehow I managed to come through. It was a great experience and made me feel like I was giving my own TED talk, which would be a dream come true once I actually do something worthwhile in the world and have something to say about it, of course.

My only reservation about my presentation if you happened to catch it is the mentioning of the Central Asia Institute, which is currently in the midst of a controversy after a 60 Minutes report alleged that the founder, Greg Mortenson may have fabricated parts of his story and lied about the number of schools he built.

Whether 60 Minutes could be right or wrong, but I worry this will create a negative impression of the important work international development is doing, especially regarding girls and education. This is a lesson that we must all be vigilant and inquiring when we choose the organizations to support and trust with our money.

I guess I need to step up the journalist in me to keep my advocate side on the right track as I continue on before I give support. The investigating mind never gets a day off.

I’m not sure how long to wait before I make a decision to avoid supporting CAI, but I’m going to start figuring out what to think by reading former CAI donor Jon Krakaeur’s Three Cups of Deceit, which is now available for free download until April 20.

Better now than later…

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