Exhibit brings refugee voices to West campus

Check out my latest article in the State Press about composer and ASU alumnus Jason Cady’s sound installation, Chorus of Refuge, which showcases the voices of six refugees’ stories. The project was in collaboration with radio producers Ann Hepermann and Kara Oehler who interviewed the refugees in their documentary series, Immigration: One Thing.

The voices are quite haunting and hard to understand when played at once, but you can listen to the original interviews of the refugees by themselves on Weekend America’s website.

Sidenote, here’s an example of how small the world is. The Burundian refugees the producers interviewed for the series settled in Phoenix and used a translator–a woman named Jeanne Nizigiyimana, a Burundian and a caseworker with Catholic Charities.

Are you with me?

So Nizigiyimana is co-presenting with the keynote speaker at the summit my student club is holding next week, the Female Contemporary Issues Summit.

How crazy and amazing is that? The funny thing is that I had nothing to do with finding the keynote speakers, so I was so surprised when I was double checking the spelling of her name after doing my interview and then saw that she was the very same woman on our panelist list! I knew her name sounded familiar but I couldn’t remember why.

I don’t know why I find these coincidences so exciting, but there you go. Six degrees of separation:)

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