Muslim Men Against Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is already a hush-hush subject in our society, but especially within the Muslim community, it’s a problem swept under the rug. Normally, women are champions of this cause, but there is a significant, commendable movement of Muslim men who seek to speak out against the abuse.

Muslim Men Against Domestic Violence is an organization dedicated to domestic tranquility and showing that abuse is forbidden in Islam.

On their website, they say, “Despite our focus on women and children, we recognize that the victims/survivors of domestic abuse include men, and that this is a phenomenon that should not be ignored or overlooked. And though we are an organization comprised of men, we reject the notion that men are the exclusive arbiters of morality.”

Having men as the leaders and organizers behind this issue is a major step in validating their role in solving the problem. MMADV may help to remove the stigma of discussing domestic violence and bring it into mosques, conferences and mainstream conversations. It’s interesting that these concerned activists aren’t getting the kind of media attention they deserve, despite the fact they are taking a proactive stance on advancing social justice and establishing peace–something that is always demanded of Muslims day in and day out.

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